donderdag 9 december 2010

What She's Made Of

A Poem, written by me, for all my Sisters out there!

Cocoa butter skin,
a scent sweeter than...
A hard core heart with room for some extra love,
right next to the love she has got for her most loved ones.

Eyes shaped like almonds driving people nuts, and typical blacker the berry , sweeter the juicy lips , close to her blackberry, talking in a soft tone to the listener on the other side of the phone.
No time to waste because.
Bussiness needs to be taken care of, but sometimes she and it are none of your bussiness.

Sopisticated, catering to the ones she loves and loves to love, for real.
Dreaming of dreams and sometimes even longing for what could have been , but she has been there and done that.
Done deal.

Made of sugar , honey, iced tea, teary eyes and tears of joy.
Mother heart, yet childless till she chooses to get promoted in life , rewarded with a child. But untill then just busy body, busy with her body and nobody cant tell her nothing.

And she knows it. Very well.

I am talking about miss Independent, so talented, growing in every way. Loves life , loves to love, loves to live and wants to give, some times her all, her everything. Loves to get , respect, and gives. Flowing to live and floating high , praising the most High , appreciates her mother, her father , her maker.

That is what she is made of.

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