zondag 16 januari 2011

One foot, two foot, three foot, BUNCH...

Here she is again, my Afrotastique girl...
I wanted to change her look a bit more, because a girl needs to stay original and versatile. So I pulled her hair up in a nice afro bunch!
I think it looks awesome and new.

I used bronze colored star shaped eyelets to resemble a scrunchy, and used a bronze pearl pen for the details of the flower as well.

The flower by the way was made with a Hibiscus clear stamp I purchased at Pipoos in The Hague...

This card makes me long for summer or Hawaii...

I can picture myself lying on the beach with a nice cool cocktail next to me.

I say ALOHA!

zaterdag 15 januari 2011


I made this card yesterday evening. Did you notice something about my signature girl?
She's got a new hairdo! And I still love the way she looks, even with short hair.

I also love the earrings, I made these with pearl pens, and they give her a super feminine look. I arranged some beads on top of the card to match her to-die-for earrings.

I also added an organza ribbon, matching the colors of the card, usually I don't really use ribbons on my cards, but yesterday I was digging through my crafting boxes and I found a never used multipack of organza ribbons in cute colors! I Just had to use them.

So from now on I will be using ribbons often, I just love the way they soften the look of the card...

donderdag 13 januari 2011

One card a day, keeps the stress away!

I made a promise,
to make at least one card a day.

So here are the results:

So, thats it, from monday till Wednesday.
Later this evening, I will post the information on how to order my cards.
Till then, keep smiling and be blessed!

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Dont Forget To Follow!

I got lots of nice compliment on the new cards already, I really appreciate all of that, sweet visitors.

But dont forget to hit that 'follow'button on the right side of my blog!
And be sure I will follow you back

For now, Stay fierce, Stay Afrotastique :)


For all my sisters !

She is the reason of your high phone bill,
the extra items in your wardrobe,
and the smiles on your face on dull days at the office...

She offers a shoulder to cry on,
and a smile for every silly joke!

She brightens up your day and shows you the silver lining aroud those nasty dark clouds in your sky!

She needs to be appreciated
She needs to be loved!

Thanks for being my sister....

Zij is de oorzaak van je veel te hoge telefoonrekening,
de extra stukken in je kledingkast,
en de glimlach op je gezicht op saaie werkdagen.

Zij biedt je een schouder om op uit te huilen,
en een lach voor elk suf grapje.

Zij laat je inzien, dat het allemaal wel meevalt,
en wijst je op de zon die je vanachter die zwarte wolken toelacht.

Zij is er om gewaardeerd te worden,
Zij is die liefde waard!

Thanks for being my sister....

donderdag 6 januari 2011





A couple of months ago, while listening to some nice Neo-soul, I designed this profile of a girl, rocking a nice afro. I did not know what to do with it, but the more I looked at it, the more ideas popped up in my head, so I started experimenting with the image.

So here are the first results of my late night brainstorming sessions; three blank greetingcards.

Don't they just give you some kind of mellow, jazzy feeling?

I just love them!
And there are lot and lots of them on their way...

So stay tuned :)


Een paar maanden terug,was ik naar lekkere Neo-Soul muziek aan het luisteren en aan het 'doodelen'. En plots was ze daar; het meisje met een stoere afro! Ik wist nog niet echt wat ik met mijn tekening wilde doen, maar hoe langer en vaker ik ernaar kee, des te meer idee├źn me te binnen schoten. Ik begn eens lekker te experimenteren met mijn plaatje.

En zie hier, de resultaten van mijn brainstormsessies; drie blanko wenskaarten.

Ik krijg en een lekker, relaxed Jazzy gevoel bij, en ik heb zo het gevoel dat ik er een heleboel varianten van ga maken.

Stay tuned!