maandag 11 april 2011

GIVE AWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY * in my best Oprah voice *

Good morning!

Welcome to my blog.
Its another manic monday and I have just finished uploading the newest cards to this blog. It gave me a great feeling, so I decided to pay it forward!

Its Give away time!
All you have to do is to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment right under this post,to tell me why you like my cards.

What am I giving awayyy todayyyy?:

FIVE.....thats right; Five lovely and unique Natural flair cards.

The Give away ends on the 17th of April, so hurry hurry hurry and get them while they're still hot ;).

Good luck everyone!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your cards for there beauty and the magnificent way they make a person feel when received. Not only do they have a personal touch; with them you are able to show the deep appreciation you have of another.

  2. Your cards are beautifull because it brings smiles to all of us who are from African-roots! To receice one is like a personal greeting from one sister to another..also it is nice to have unique cards, instead of house, garden- and kitchencards (grapje van mijn kant:))
    In everyway your cards are unique & Afrotastique!

  3. I Love your spirit in being a Afro creative person, it shows in your cards the expression of who whe are, and where whe most be proud of, Being afro and tastique is e unique and fasionable state, a higher self, to see in the cards with the uplifting tekst within. Your are making a difference,why whe are Goddes and that most be shown. your cards represent it all. Love it what you doing.